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2012 Asean

2012 CHINA Asean EXPO Exclusive Supplier


There are 3 days from the opening of 2012 ASEAN-China Exposition,and all temporary outdoors constructions and tents have been set up by Guangxi Safe Tent  Co.,Ltd.

2012  ASEAN-China Exposition is another great  event held in China and And for southeast Asia countries. The total tent area of temporary venues and temporary outdoors constructions within the red line of the ASEAN-China Exposition  is about 3,000 to 4000 square meters.

Now all tents and eletricity power,lighting system and other anicillary projects inside the tents have been installed and checked comprehensively,which ensures the smooth development of ASEAN-China Exposition  Tests and makes good preparation for the opening ceremony of the  The ASEAN-China Exposition,Guangxi Safe Tent  Co.,ltd,  becomes the tent supplier of 2012 ASEAN-China Exposition ,providing the installation services for the temporary outdoors security area. Repeat glory with successful ASEAN-China Exposition's services.